Culture of the Piast Dynasty for children

Where Poland was born

There are not many places in Poland that like the Poviat of Gniezno combine the abundant multi-century history with modernity and dynamic development. For more than ten centuries, the first capital city of Poland has been a witness of the events, the importance of which cannot be overestimated. This is where Bolesław the Brave hosted Otton III who presented a vision of united Europe to him. It is the Cathedral of Gniezno that the temporal remains of St. Wojciech were placed in and that the first rulers of Poland were coming to for crowning celebrations. Finally, it is in the neighbouring Ostrów Lednicki where Mieszko I was probably baptised which substantially affected further fate of the young state.

Currently, Gniezno and the neighbouring area do not perform such important political role like in the past anymore, yet a lot of relics from the times of their splendour have survived to present. The Cathedral of Gniezno – ‘the Mother of Polish Churches’, the palatium of Duke Mieszko in Ostrów Lednicki or the Basilica of Trzemeszno are the main facilities of the Piasts’ Route.

The European project entitled: ‘This is where Poland was established – promotion of the cultural tourist product of the Poviat of Gniezno, the image product of Greater Poland’, realised in years 2011-2013, was aimed at promotion of the touristic values of Gniezno and the region, with special consideration of their abundant history. The authors of the project did not limit themselves solely to the quite commonly used marketing tools such as printed promotional materials or website but they decided to move forward. Printing of a set of 4 educational posters for children and the youth, which were then sent to all primary schools all over Poland (in total to almost 15 000 institutions!), may be considered as the most spectacular one of the realised tasks. The boards are to be used for the next years by the history teachers within conducting of the classes and are to strengthen the image of Gniezno as the city where Poland has its roots.

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Upon the order of the Poviat Starosty in Gniezno, a series of educational posters relating to the culture of the Piasts was developed for children. This unique publication consists of four colourfully illustrated and plainly written posters:
  1. The Congress of Gniezno and the first Coronation
  2. Piast monumental architecture
  3. Life in the Town
  4. Armoured warriors and shield-bearers
In 2012, the Poviat of Gniezno equipped all primary schools with the set of the aforementioned posters for children via the departments of education all over Poland.

The posters are assumed to constitute an additional didactic material for teaching of history, Polish and artistic subjects. In logistic terms, it was a remarkable venture – 60 thousand pieces of the posters mean 9 tons of the posters on 20 Euro-pallets.

A lot of nationwide media, inter alia the Polish Press Agency,, Wirtualna, portal samorzą and others got interested in the poster action of the poviat self-government.

The author of the posters is a visual artist from Gniezno, Jarosław Gryguć. Substantial supervision over preparation of this unique publication was held by a commission consisting of: Robert Andrzejewski, Ph.D., the Vice-Starost of Gniezno, Jacek Wrzesiński, the manager of the castle in Grzybowo/the Museum of the Firsts Piasts in Lednica, Tomasz Janiak, an archaeologist, an employee of the Museum of the Begginings of the Polish State in Gniezno, Agnieszka Rzempała – Chmielewska, the Director of the Department of Promotion and Development, the project manager, and Aleksandra Kuźniak, the Director of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport.


Together with the posters, four books for children were prepared. They were sent to the libraries in Poland that are entitled to obtain the obligatory copies. They were also provided to educational, cultural and museum institutions from Greater Poland. The books also prove successful as prizes in various initiatives aimed at promotion of the knowledge on the region, in particular the one relating to the beginnings of the Polish state. In 2013, the books were provided by the Poviat Starosty in Gniezno to the history teachers in all types of schools on the area of the Poviat of Gniezno. In the near future, this publication is planned to be commercialised through its mass sale in bookshops on the area of the whole country.

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Continuation of the series of the Piasts’ Culture for children

Apart from the European project realised in years 2011-2013, another poster devoted completely to the Baptism of Poland was prepared, which ultimately is to be provided to all primary schools, grammar schools and post-grammar schools in Poland. Apart from the poster, also the 5th Volume of the book from the series ‘the Piasts’ Culture for children’ was prepared, this time upon the order of the National Center for Culture.

The activities determined above are connected with the nationwide celebrations of the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland in 2016.

Warriors fight in Funcampie Carlsberg during Euro 2012, as an additional promotional elemet project

Promotional stand, composed of spirit and banner design

Adequately prepared for the conference cathedral interior design inaguracyjną

Promotional materials and gadgets design

The inaugural conference at the Department of Gniezno - February 2011

Distribution of a series of posters for children Piast Culture

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